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  The Trattoria

Surrounded by vineyards and castles suspended between heaven and earth, in the dream-like landscape of the “LANGA”…
At the heart of this celebrated land of wines and truffles, in an enchanting, timeless setting, Trattoria nella Vigne offers diners breathtaking views over the surrounding hills through window walls. [read more]
  Our cuisine

...the "Trattoria in the Vineyards" serves a selection of strictly seasonal fare...

Typical cuisine by Sabrina Farioli Open every night Lunch weekdays by arrangement Lunch & dinner Saturday and Sunday

...menus using local produce are served on these premises...

WE ARE CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS FROM 28/12/2016 TO 03/02/2017


An essential part of our cuisine is that the ingredients are sourced locally and are fresh every day.

This is why we support the AGRISVILUPPO KM0 scheme by sourcing carefully-selected, seasonal produce directly from small local farms.
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Webcam over the Langhe



Trattoria nelle Vigne - via Moglia Gerlotto 7/A - 12055 Diano d'Alba (Cn) - Tel. +39 0173 468503 - info@trattorianellevigne.it
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